Archives & Special Collections

Manhattan College serves as the final repository for the historical records of Manhattan College and the Brothers of the Christian Schools (also known as the Christian Brothers or the De La Salle Christian Brothers). The College houses the following archival collections:

  • Archives of Manhattan College
  • Archives of the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the legacy New York (NY) District
  • Archives of the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the legacy Long Island-New England (LI-NE) District
  • Christian Brothers of the Midwest District Archives
  • Lasallian Research Collection
  • District of Eastern North America (DENA) Archives
  • Archives of the Christian Brothers Conference
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Image of the Month: March

Dorothy Day, 1975

During a private ceremony at the offices of The Catholic Worker, Manhattan College President Brother Gregory Nugent presented the 1974 Saint La Salle Medal to Dorothy Day.  Dorothy Day was a journalist and social activist who founded the Catholic Worker Movement to promote the examination of conscience.  Day protested the exploitation of the worker, pled the plight of the poor, spoke in defense of the prisoner and utterly rejected violence as a solution to man’s conflicts.  Dorothy Day truly exemplified the mission and spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. 

The College wanted to bestow on her an honorary degree in 1973, but she declined, responding, “To be absolutely sincere, I should add that the tie-up of so many universities with the government in research to benefit the “industrial-military complex” is of course also a reason for my decision.”  She continued, “I do love the Christian Brothers…”


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